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Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium Hydroxide or slaked lime or hydrated lime, available in a white, powdery form for chemical industries manufacturing. It is designed in such a way that it fits in various applications such as construction, agriculture, wastewater treatment, and food processing. For delivery, we procure fine-rated packaging material that is safe to the all quality standard at the client's destination. Avail at a reasonable price according to industrial application.

Product Details:

Product Name Hydrated Lime
Type Inorganic Compound
Colour White
Form Fine Powder
Purity 90%
Moisture <1%
Whiteness 95%
Solubility Soluble Water
Ph Valve Up To 12.4
Chemical Formula Ca(OH)2
Storage Cool & Dry Areas
Melting Point 580 °C
Usage Sewage Treatment, Paper Production And Soil Stabilization Etc
Features Low Toxicity, Water Softening, And Impurity Removal Etc
Packaging Type Bag
Manufacture By Akash Acid & Chemicals
Country Of Origin Made In India

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