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Ferric Chloride Liquid Chemical

Ferric Chloride Liquid Chemical is a dark brown and highly corrosive liquid that has a pungent smell manufactured by our company at a reasonable price. This chemical is widely used in various industrial and laboratory applications due to its excellent oxidizing properties. Ferric Chloride is commonly used in the production of water treatment chemicals, printed circuit boards, and as an etchant for metals. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of various compounds.

Product Details:

Product Type Ferric Chloride Liquid Chemical
Type Liquid Chemical
Colour Dark Brown, Yellow
Quality Best Quality
Molecular Formula FeCl3
PH Value 2
Material Ferrous Chloride
Liquid Smell Pungent Smell
Concentration 22% Min
Soluble In Water
Grade Standard Chemical Grade
Shelf Life 1 Year
Storage Store In Cool, Dry Place
Melting Point Of Ferric Chloride 307.6 °C
Density 2.90 G/cm3
Application Industrial And Laboratory Use
Features Highly Corrosive, Excellent Oxidizing Etc
Packaging Type Glass Bottle, Drum
Manufacture By Akash Acid & Chemicals
Country Of Origin India

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